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Wire Cut Cookie Dies
Now over 600 dies plus custom shapes available.
Kook-e-King, Triumph, Champion, Joosten, Beneir & others

The many different shapes and sizes of Dies make any Wire Cut Cookie Machine so valuable.  The best investment you can make is to add more Dies to your library.  With the right dies, your machine will rival any $40,000 machine on the market today.

Medium Bunny Bunny Die
Medium Egg Egg Die
Small Eclair Small Éclair Die
Rabbit & Bear Combo *Rabbit Die & Bear Die Combination Specialty
Call for a complete list of Dies Available 815.943.8730

Cookie Dies are available for Triumph, Kook-e-King, Champion, Joosten, Beneir & others.

From every day Dies to Holiday Dies to even Custom Dies that you design.  
Over 600 Dies available.

Cost of Dies vary based on different Machine Type CALL for pricing and availability.
Custom Dies = CALL for a quote


For more information Contact:
Tony Stricker
Practical Baker Equipment Company
1001 W. Diggins St., Harvard, IL 60033
(815)943-6040 voice (815)943-9077 fax

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